Warcrow Adventures: Core Box - Preorder

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Warcrow Adventures: Core Box - Preorder

Product description

Release date: February 2024

Number of Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 60-90 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 14+

Warcrow Adventures is a co-op tabletop game for ages 14 and above set in a fantasy world in which brave heroes will become involved in strange adventures, making their way in a world of mystery and magic surrounded by a grim fog.

These heroes hail from different lands which will reveal the rich tapestry of nations in Lindwurm, the world the game is set in.

Join in and discover the mindset, culture, and values of the many nations therein, some of which will sound familiar, while others have been created specifically for this dungeon crawler.

Warcrow Adventures offers completely new mechanics.

The game combines tactics and action with a deep focus on the narrative which, in turn, is supported by an App that acts as a compass for players.

Throughout the game you’ll interact with other characters, you’ll learn about their stories, you’ll speak to NPCs and so on, exploring different scenarios, fighting different enemies, and thriving as the story unfolds.

This Dungeon crawler’s story will act as an entry point to the Warcrow Universe