Game Master for Hire

Are you looking for someone to help you learn Dungeons & Dragons? Or are you an experienced player who wants to try something new? We have helpful and imaginative Game Masters who can help

We have a variety of games  ready to run, including Dungeons & Dragons, Trail of Cthulhu, Masks, 13th Age, Monster Hearts and Ashen Stars. We can work with new or experienced players. We can have characters ready for you or you can bring your own. 

Interested? Contact us at or 416-792-1977, and we’ll get started planning a thrilling adventure just for you. 


$40 per player, minimum 4 players. Gameplay lasts 4 hours. 

Joan Moriarity is a gamesmistress, speaker, author, YouTuber, and a passionate advocate for play. With decades of experience in nearly every style of game, Joan will make sure that you and your friends have a great time. You could be playing your very first RPG, or you could be a seasoned veteran. You might be ride-or-die for D&D, or you might prefer freeform indie games. Maybe you're craving a good old-fashioned monster bash, or maybe you'd love something dramatic and character-driven. Light-hearted fantasy adventure? Skin-crawling cosmic horror? No matter what kind of roleplaying experience you're after, Joan will teach you everything you need to confidently make your game safe, exciting, and fun."