Torchbearer: Scavenger's Supplement

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Torchbearer: Scavenger's Supplement

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Scratching through the depths of their dimmest prolegomena, our lore masters have struck esoteric gold for you, dear reader. They have unearthed arcana that breathes life into six novel classes of being: the redoubtable bounder, the esoteric dreamwalker, the clever guide, the dangerous sorcerer, the weird stoneteller and the foolish noble scion. Not to be outdone by the likes of thieves and shamans, each new class joins our ranks as a new iconic character, as well: Ivy, Haave, Lorne, Aile, Tollan and Glytta raise their mugs with us now, making our official numbers 15. Which is an occult and auspicious number because five is the number of Wheel and three fives is the most sacred configuration.

And of course, grasping hold of just a single root is impossible. One must trace the entire chthonic system to its furthest extent. Thus these new classes emerge from the penumbra shedding a new system of magical expertise, new traits, weapons, denizens and even a new settlement in which you may rest your weary head.

Too magnificent to describe with terse phrases, these annals must be beheld with one’s very own eyes. So tarry with us here no longer, sifting through this muck we fancy as an introduction. Read on, dear eyes, read on to your black heart’s content. We shall hear tell of your sordid exploits soon, we doubt not.