The Date Game

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The Date Game

Product description

Number of Players: 2+ 
Playing Time: 30-90 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 14+

The Date Game That's Actually Fun-A PARTY GAME

About this game:

  • The Date Game That's Actually Fun is the perfect "getting to know you game" when you've met a special someone
  • Roll the dice to pick a card and share fun things about yourself like Podcast or Music? or Does pineapple belong on a pizza?
  • Compact and light weight game to bring out with you on dates or spend quality time playing at home
  • From the creators of The Couples Game That's Actually Fun and Who's Most Likely To party game
  • 6 fun categories: 1) This or That 2) Super Random 3) IMO 4) Fill In The Blank 5) Do it! 6) About Me

How to play?

Roll the dice, pick a card, and answer the card.

Box contents:

  • 2 dice 
  • 75 cards