Paranoia: Mandatory Mission Pack

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Paranoia: Mandatory Mission Pack

Product description

Hello and welcome to the Mandatory Mission Pack. This friendly mission pack contains extra bonus resources for your PARANOIA games. It is designed to be used in an ad hoc manner- if your Troubleshooters open the wrong door, run off down the wrong corridor or just get hold of the wrong end of the stick entirely and your simple ‘hunt and kill the Commies in the food vat factory’ mission turns into ‘become convinced that the High Programmer is a traitor and engage in a complex Complex-spanning epic conspiracy to take him down’. This Mandatory Mission Pack gives you specific locations, characters and weirdnesses without a general context. Think of it as a tinkertoy set for PARANOIA just put these locations and characters into your own plots.

There is, of course, a school of thought that Troubleshooters who open the wrong door or run off down the wrong corridor should just be shot.

This is an entirely valid school of thought.

In which case, think of this book as a selection of scenic locations in which to terminate the Troubleshooters.