Paper App Dungeons

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Paper App Dungeons

Product description

Number of Players: 1
Playing Time: 5-90 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 6+

Paper App™ DUNGEON is a dungeon crawler that fits in your pocket! Each notebook features a unique, procedurally generated 60-page adventure. Armed with your P6 pencil-die, you will collect treasures and other powerful items and fight monsters in short, addictive games.

To play, just roll the P6 and draw a path. Find treasures, buy powerful items, and fight monsters in this pocket-sized dungeon-crawler!

A solo dungeon delve game where you adventure through a series of printed dungeons with you hero with the aid of a pencil and a die.

Encounter monsters, obstacles, and collect coins. Venture far and deep in this solo dungeon delve, roll and write, adventure.