Icewind Dale Dungeon Master’s Screen

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Icewind Dale Dungeon Master’s Screen

Product description

No more fumbling with tons of notes, binders, and lose papers. With this Master Screen Companion, you will have all the information you need to set up the Rime of The Frostmaiden campaign.

This system I created years ago for my games goes on top of your actual DM Screen and allows you quick access to all relevant information. Just print it and enjoy it.

With this PDF you will get 3 screens:

1. Wilderness Survival information. Planning to explore the tundra? Here is all the information about survival, avalanches, blizzards, daylight, and more.

2. What players know. Keep track of what information NPC's have shared with your players, and reveal the plot piece by piece avoiding "exposition" characters.

3. Pronunciation table. The official adventure comes with a table with places and characters, and a brief description. I added that table to my Screen Companion.

"Hang" these 3 Screen Companions to your actual DM Screen, and you will double the information at your hands in a second.