Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok

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Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok

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Core rulebook for FotN:R. M

This book contains everything needed to play Fate of the Norns™: Ragnarok the tabletop role playing game. It fully describes the world, the rules, the character creation and denizens that populate the dark world of Ragnarok. It also includes an introductory adventure for 2-6 players.

Everything has a beginning, and the Norns dictate that what has a beginning will have an end… Welcome to the beginning of the end! The age of patience, reason, and restraint has been overshadowed by an age of rage, vengeance, and destruction. Old grievances have resurfaced and reparations come in blood, rivers of blood!

Welcome to the rune-based Viking RPG called Fate of the Norns™: Ragnarok. The stories are based on the ancient Viking sagas, and the mythology is legendary! Players take on the roles of heroic personas that have a key role to play during the final ages of Ragnarok. They may choose from 7 archetypes and will use the Runic Game System (RGS) to determine their ultimate success or failure. Using a set of rune stones, the players will cast intricate spells and deal devastating blows in a visceral and tactical combat system. They will partake in telling the tale of mighty heroes fighting in the dark age for a cause greater than their own mortality. And should they die a valorous death in battle, Valkyries will take them to the heavens to be reborn as mighty Einherjar or Sons of Muspel… and they will now fight alongside the Gods and the Jotuns at Ragnarok!