My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria Starter Set

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The Starter Set ‘A Dragon’s Bounty’ is a storytelling pen and paper game. This is the perfect way for beginners to start playing Tails of Equestria.
 Players can build their own adventure by choosing which paths to take and how to confront each challenge.

This Starter Set does not require a Gamemaster
, making it easy for beginners to learn RPGs.

• 1 Full Color A Dragon’s Bounty Adventure Book (58 Pages)
• 30+ Cardboard Tokens and Character Standees
• 6 Color Coded Tails of Equestria Storytelling Dice
• 4 Stands for Dragon and Pony Characters
• 3 Pre-made Player Character Sheets
• 1 Illustrated Poster Map
• 1 Mini-poster Map