Knockdown Volume 3: Tainted Grail

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Knockdown Volume 3: Tainted Grail

Product description

Number of Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 15-45 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 8+

Knockdown is a dynamic fighting game where you become a fighter and you have to knock down your opponent. During a game, you will have to surprise your opponent, create crazy combos, and, in the end, try to push them over by forcing them to the serious "Knockdown" test.

Knockdown Volume 3
, containing three more fighters known from the Tainted grail board game (Mistbearer, Maggot, Lost Knight), skill cards, a new basic attack deck and a new arena.

Basic Attack deck - includes two new cards: Wyrdness and Throw. The fighter who draws Wyrdness suffers wounds, but the card offers two symbols instead of one. And Throw allows you to, well, throw your rival to space in a certain range and deal some damage.

In the center of this Arena stands an altar with a single candle. When you play in this Arena, you have to shuffle four candle cards into the Basic Attack deck and place two light tokens at the Arena's edges. When the candle is drawn from the deck, the area protected by the altar is reduced – fighters standing out of the candle range suffers a heavy wound at the beginning of their turns.

All components from all Knockdown boxes can be mixed together.