Cards Against Humanity: The bigger blacker box.

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Number of Players: 4+
Playing Time: 30-90 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 17+

This is a storage box for Cards Against Humanity. It contains very few cards and is definitely not a stand alone game.

It's 21 inches long. It weighs 17 ounces. It's black as the night. And it's completely empty inside.

- Not actually completely empty inside.
- Includes six sides in three dimensions.
- Holds Cards Against Humanity and all expansions.
- Includes the Box Expansion (20 cards about boxes).
- Includes 50 blank cards (40 white, 10 black).
- Includes nutritious foam filler and divider cards.
- Tons of other surprises. Who knows what’s in there?
- Can be used as a bludgeon.