3D Printed Filament Options

The 3D printed products that we are offering are created in-house using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) or Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF). This means that our printers build the models one layer at a time by selectively depositing the melted filament in the correct positions. This builds up the model and ends up creating the finished piece.

This allows us to offer a number of different colours and finishes for the models. These will always be subject to availability, but the options listed in the individual products are up to date.

Unless otherwise noted, we use Polylactic Acid Filament (PLA) to produce our prints. This is a bioplastic, made from plant-starch, and as such contains no fossil fuels and can be recycled or composted under the right conditions.

We do recommend using a plastic-safe primer (such as Rustoleum) on a model before painting.

Filament Options


Grey Dungeon Tile

Grey filament is light grey with a bit of a shine to it. It makes a great base when you want to paint parts of a model. It is easy to make out details in models printed with this type of filament.


Bone Filament

Bone coloured filament looks great when printing anything that needs to look like bone!


Silver Filament Wizard Tower

"Silk" Silver filament has a shiny, metallic finish that is eye-catching and impressive.

Antique Gold

Antique Gold has a shiny metallic finish in a dark gold colour. Prints made with Antique Gold look like old, weathered metal.


Rainbow Drawbridge Tower

 Rainbow filament comes in a roll of gradient colours that creates prints of many different, smoothly transitioning colours. It is bright and colourful.

Matte Grey Primer

Grey Primed Tile

Primed and ready to paint! The grey primer provides a dark grey, matte finish.