Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok: Fafnir's Treasure (Adventure) (SC)

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Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok: Fafnir's Treasure (Adventure) (SC)

Product description

This quick-start RPG adventure game has been designed for players who are new to the Fate of the Norns™ world and rune-based mechanics. This book is a stand-alone product that takes 2-6 players through the basics while they play through an epic adventure that is tied to the story of the iconic Volsung saga found in the Poetic Edda.

The sun and moon have disappeared from the sky. The worlds on the branches of the cosmic tree Yggdrassil have grown dark and cold. The gods and giants are on the brink of war. Mankind has descended into anarchy.
Welcome to the Age of the Sword…. Welcome to Ragnarok!

Fafnir's Treasure is a standalone Fate of the Norns™: Ragnarok saga that will bring 2 to 6 players deep into the dark age of Ragnarok. They will be engaged by the emissaries of the gods, and must avoid perils both known and unknown to find the most wondrous treasure of all – the legendary hoard of Fafnir the dragon!

Fafnir's Treasure uses the “light” game rules of the Runic Game System (RGS) and a set of pre-generated dwellers so you can experience the full fury of Fate of the Norns™: Ragnarok with nothing more than your imagination.

  • Game-driven by the RGS system: no need for dice, just a set of mystic runes (included as aprintout)

  • A customizable adventure that can play out in several different ways

  • A breathing, living setting for the remote outpost of Evingard, brought to life with stories and denizens

  • Five pre-generated adventurers who can be personalized in a simple and user-friendly way for first-time players